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PMOStep Project Management Office Framework

PMOStep is a web site focused on building a Project Management Office (PMO), and then using the PMO to deploy and support a project management methodology within the company. It is a holistic approach that looks at the multiple aspects required to implement organizational changes. Sections include the deployment approach, training, coaching, methodology management, a document repository, project auditing and collecting the right set of metrics. PMOStep contains processes, best practices and templates to help make your PMO successful.


All About PMOs

This is a blog on all things about PMOs, mostly focusing on issues and topics from the perspective of a PMO director.


Artemis can help you define the scope and structure of your Project Management Office, and provide ongoing support throughout deployment and operation.


The article focuses on defining a 4-step procedure to identify and choose the right type of project management office (PMO) organizational structure, based upon the organization characteristics.

Minnesota Office of Technology

The Office of Technology provides for IT and business alignment through the use of Enterprise Strategic Planning (SIRMP), Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Project Management.

New York State Office for Technology

The NYS PMO at OFT has developed and currently supports the following core services:

  • Project Management Methodology

  • Project Management Outreach

All services and products have been developed with input from numerous agency representatives who have shared their ideas, requests, and best practices.

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